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Hypnosis for weight loss in Toronto

Lose weight easily and effortlessly with the power of hypnotic trance.

Using your subconscious mind you can achieve the body of your dreams. Just call us today for a free consultation!

"Kimberly has hypnotized me for weight loss. I'm 30 lbs down and have a new love of fresh fruits & vegetables and clean, cool water! I am so impressed by Kimberly's expertise that I recommend her to anyone who I hear is struggling with a mind over matter issue..."
         - Lesley - Toronto, Ontario

Does this scenario seem familiar?

You are sure that you can do it, you can lose weight. You have negotiated with yourself many times. You are confident you can eat clean, avoiding foods that pollute you and bloat you. You are sure you can drink more water, and eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and proteins and move your body in beneficial ways. You can envision the body you want. You can imagine how good it would feel to be vibrant, lean, and truly healthy...

...and Yet...

You find yourself with a chocolate bar, soda, a slice of pizza, or a bag of chips in your hands time and time again. The pattern leaves you baffled. Days pass, your promises to yourself are broken and you feel your motivation waning. You begin avoiding exercise and self-care because you feel sluggish, tired, and discouraged. Despite your conviction and sincere devotion to your health, well-being, and body you feel truly discouraged as you fall into the same bad habits over and over. You find you cannot seem to lose weight or perhaps you have even gained more weight or are retaining more fluid and inflammation during your struggle.

You are not alone in this frustrating battle!

Millions of people in Toronto and all around the World are in conflict with themselves as their desires for health, happiness, and physical goals are counterattacked by their daily choices and a seeming lack of power and will to lose weight.

The same culprits come to mind for millions of people all around the world time and time again: fatigue and exhaustion, lack of self-control, stress, and compromised willpower. Be kind to yourself, old habits, coping mechanisms, and inclinations can be hard to break on your own.

There is a reason why this is such a common scene...

At the end of the day the key to successfully losing weight and keeping it off long term is not white-knuckled will-power, but a change of your brain's synaptic firings, unconsciously held truths and mindset!

The answer is hypnosis!

Hypnosis works! Do you want to crave foods that serve you, nourish you, and contribute to overall health and beauty? Do you want to powerfully shift to a place of love and affinity for exercise while committing fully to a healthy lifestyle? This can all be made possible with hypnosis!

Lose Weight Rapidly, Powerfully & Effectively with Toronto Based Hypnotist Kimberly Ann O'Connor

There are countless books, weight-loss gurus, and opinions about how to lose weight. But you've tried them...

...Together with Kimberly, things will be done differently.

Beginning with our complimentary consultation Kimberly will inform you about all aspects of the hypnotic process. What you can expect and prepare for before, during, and after will be clearly outlined. Then together we will create a personalized session. Every client, and body, is different! By working together to personalize your session we'll have an accurate source of information regarding your cravings, foods that serve you, appropriate water consumption, health goals, and exercise that can fit into your lifestyle.

Questions that will lead to the creation of your personalized hypnosis session may include...

"How long have you been struggling?"

"What are activators or triggers that spur you to overeat, over snack or binge?"

"Have you noticed any patterns that have occurred since childhood?"

"How much weight do you want to lose?"

"What health concerns are you currently dealing with?"

"How do you want to feel post hypnosis and beyond?"

"What habits, urges, inclinations, or specific cravings are holding you back from the body, weight, and life that you envision?"

Some of these questions and more will shape the content of Your session.

The Pillars Of Weightloss Hypnosis
The following elements will typically be woven into your personal hypnosis script...

A desire and inclination towards clean, nourishing foods that will fuel you and your results.

An urge to drink cool, refreshing water throughout the day.

Using the power of trance to speak to the cells of your body activating the ancient wisdom which knows exactly how to heal, balance, and rejuvenate you all while letting go of any waste, weight of fluid you no longer need.

Instilling an urge to move your body every day in beneficial ways that feel so good. Whether it is a light jog, a brisk walk, a stretch, or a full weight lifting session this will ensure you are moving and reaping the benefits of daily motion.

Aversion methods might be used for specific foods or habits that do not serve you such as refined, processed, sugary, salty, or greasy food and drink. You will know that these foods are like poison to you and you will have no urge or desire for them at all.

Perhaps most importantly, love, awe, and appreciation for your body are developed during the hypnosis experience. Treating your amazing body with love, respect and honor is a key component to rapid and positive results. Your body is your friend, not your enemy and when you deeply appreciate your body, you will be drawn powerfully and intuitively to take better care of it.

Slow, appreciative mindful eating is often an aspect of the experience as well. Many people eat without awareness, thoughtfulness, or due to physical or emotional habits whether it’s at home in front of the tv or at out to lunch during the workday. Through hypnosis, you are influenced to really notice, taste, experience as you eat, and as you take the time to eat every bite of nourishment slowly and carefully.

A Holistic, Personalized, Powerful Way To Lose Weight With Toronto Based Hypnotist Kimberly Ann O'Connor

Hypnosis works! there are studies from all over the world that support hypnosis' efficacy, power, predictability, and safety.  

Kimberly Ann O'Connor offers experience, passion, and personalized care to bring you the best results and outcomes possible.

Stop Struggling, Lose Weight with hypnosis!

Are you ready to succeed? Stop struggling and start enjoying the amazing results possible with hypnosis! Call Kimberly at 647-654-9642 to schedule a complimentary consultation. Get your questions answered, get informed and get excited! Experience the power of hypnosis today.

This complimentary one-hour to one and a half-hour phone consultation provides:

Detailed information about how hypnosis works, what you can expect, Kimberly's tried and true methodology, and exactly what is required for best practices and best results.

The opportunity to give background and insight into your concerns and paint the picture of the life you would like to live in to post hypnosis session including weight loss and health goals.

Go over all logistics including payment, follow-ups, and required actions, and get crystal clear about how and when you will receive your personalized audio hypnosis recording.

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"I am looking forward to getting to know you. I will be honoured to guide you through trance and into a brighter future."

- Kimberly Ann O'Connor Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Toronto, Ontario