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Overcome your Fears with hypnosis

Stop Struggling with fear. Regain Your Peace and Your Power with Hypnosis!

Hypnosis is a powerful, predictable, and drug-free means of dissolving unnecessary phobias, fears, and limiting beliefs for once and for all.

I came to Kimberly for help with my stage fright. Her process and demeanor was very assuring and made the whole experience comfortable. By following her well explained but easy instructions, my goal was achieved. The bonus is I still have the tool for any future needs. I would, and have, recommend her services.
- Shaen - Stouffville, Ontario

Stop struggling and start living a full and peaceful life!

Time and time again, now and throughout history, hypnosis has given examples of its incredible efficacy as people are able to move past old though patterns and move into a brighter future.

How is this so?

When dissolving a phobia we use trance to provide a comfortable and danger-free environment to be exposed to the source of your fears in the safety of your mind.

After the hypnotic induction, Kimberly will guide you through gentle exposure and passionate repetition of new truths the serve you. Your unconscious mind naturally absorbs and assimilates these new truths is finally able to change. The ideas of potential catastrophes are replaced with peace and clarity.

Hypnosis works and it allows new freedom and courage into your life seemingly effortlessly!

Dissolve Phobias, Fears and Limiting Beliefs with Kimberly Ann O'Connor Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Phobias, fears, and limiting beliefs hold us back from our potential, from the fulfillment of our visions and from being and doing all that we dream of being and doing in our lives.

Fears are inherently human but they impact us in intimate and unique ways. Whether your fear is common as the fear of rejection or considered rare the list of potential phobias, fears, and limiting beliefs is seemingly endless.  There are two aspects of your mind that govern and determine your thoughts, beliefs, and actions: your conscious/critical mind and your unconscious mind (also known as subconscious mind). The unconscious mind is said to be 30,000 times as powerful as the conscious mind. The unconscious mind always wins.

That is why there is incredible power, ease, and efficacy when dissolving phobias, fears, and limiting beliefs. Through trance, we speak to the unconscious mind and get the unconscious mind and conscious mind in agreement at last. You then are able to live the life you were destined to live free from the shackles of inappropriate terror.

The first step in this process is always a complimentary consultation. This is where Kimberly will explain the details, requirements, and important information regarding hypnosis and the entire experience. Then together you will discuss the past and present of your struggle as well as get crystal clear about the future you want to live into. Armed with the power of knowledge Kimberly will then create a personal, impactful, positive audio recording of your hypnosis session. It's time to experience the power of trance in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Questions about Phobias, Fears and Limiting Beliefs Explained

Kimberly is completely aware that people come to her with concerns about the outcomes of trance. Maybe you have had some or all of the following concerns?

How do I know I am living with a true phobia?

Phobias have the potential to control you and shape your life in negative ways. A phobia is a powerful, overwhelming, and potentially debilitating fear of an experience, person, object, feeling, or specific species of animal.

Symptoms of a phobia include trembling, increased heart rate, sweating, nausea, dizziness, paralyze, or shortness of breath when in contact with the source of your intense fears. These symptoms may even present themselves with simply thinking about the source of your phobia. Phobias can also generate horrifying nightmares that disturb you during sleep.

Contact with the source of your phobia may be quite scarce resulting in upset, terror, and phobic symptoms very rarely. This is fortunate but does not mean that the phobia does not affect you and your choices subtly or overtly. On the other hand, you may harbor a phobia that presents itself often and with a frequent intensity such as a fear of being in groups of people or a fear of speaking in public. In either case, the effects of your phobia can be devastating to your quality of life

I have a fear that is common. Is it important or necessary to get help with hypnosis?

Fears and limiting beliefs are no less important to face and address for the same reasons it is important to face and address a simple or complex phobia.

Fears and limiting beliefs may not have the same intensity associated with them but they can also shape and alter your behaviors, choices, and decisions because of their existence. Fear of not being good enough or a limiting belief that money is hard to get and hard to keep make huge impacts on the day to day experience of being alive. They impact our careers, relationships, and relationships with ourselves on so many levels.

How did I develop this phobia, fear, or limiting belief?

While there is no single cause that develops phobias, fears, and limiting beliefs, there are a number of common factors. For example:

A particular event, experience, incident, or trauma.

A learned response. This is usually developed early in life during childhood.

There is more and more evidence to suggest that genetics play a factor in determining our stress, fear, and anxiety levels.

Past life traumas and frightening events.

I am afraid of what I am afraid of because it can be truly dangerous. Will I lose my common sense once this fear is dissolved through trance?

Hypnosis is designed to serve your highest good. As we work through the excessive emotions and responses to the stimuli we are discussing common sense and self-protection is still always valued. Suggestions are made to strengthen your appropriate responses and protect you and your well being while you live free from the debilitating terror.

How can hypnosis help me?

Here is the good news. Hypnosis can help by dissolving and reframing your phobia, fear or limiting belief powerfully, safely, and predictably. By facing your fears with a new, gentle awareness during the trance session we can adjust the truth your unconscious mind holds about the source of your fear. We can adjust the perception of threat to align more appropriately to actual risk as we strengthen your sense of strength, resiliency, and power. When you emerge from the trance session you will feel wonderful, alert, and immediately have a new and healthy relationship to the source of your phobia, fear, and/or limiting belief.

Peace of Mind. Hypnosis Provides the Ultimate Value.

The ability to be, and do all you dream of any time, anywhere is available when limiting phobias and beliefs are evaporated through hypnosis. The session pays for itself through priceless peace and opportunity. Hypnosis works! It is powerful, safe, personalized, and lasting. Why keep struggling to quit when the solution is here. Contact Kimberly, get your questions answered, and embark on a beautiful journey to a better life. You deserve to be free from the shackles of fear, why wait another day?

Dissolve your fears and take back your life with hypnosis and Kimberly Ann O'Connor Consulting Hypnotist.

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This complimentary one-hour to one and a half-hour phone consultation provides:

Detailed information about how hypnosis works, what you can expect, Kimberly's tried and true methodology, and exactly what is required for best practices and best results.

The opportunity to give background and insight into your concerns and paint the picture of the life you would like to live in to post hypnosis session including weight loss and health goals.

Go over all logistics including payment, follow-ups, and required actions, and get crystal clear about how and when you will receive your personalized audio hypnosis recording.

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"I am looking forward to getting to know you. I will be honoured to guide you through trance and into a brighter future."

- Kimberly Ann O'Connor Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Toronto, Ontario